“Great Service with a smile.  Richard is such a pleasure to deal with.  I love the customer service from him.”
Mark J.
“Our lawn was a disaster for years.  The local lawn care company could not figure out the issue.  It took KHS lawns 1/2 a season to get our lawn looking perfect!  Thank you.”
Bradley G.
“I love the fact the Richard marks the driveways bfore the snow flies.  My lawn is never damaged, not like last year when I had a bozo ruin my lawn.  Thank you Richard.”
Warren R.
“My husband and I really like the new walkway and wall Richard and his crew built for us.  It's such a pleasure to work with a contractor that respects our property and wallet.”
Jessica P.




Spring Cleanups - We offer Spring Cleanups from raking to mulching.   Custom edging of driveways, beds and walkways.  Dethatching and mowing.  Fix any plow damage with loam and reseed.

Fall Cleanups - KHS has invested a lot of knowhow and time to cleanup your property the best way we know how.

With a FALL CLEANUP or SPRING CLEANUP Your lawn will get a final sweep from our Sweep star 4800 machine.  All material loaded and taken away.  Or left in your compost pile.  Whatever your preference is.

Fertilizing Services
- KHS provides all customers with a thorough plan of attack for fertilization services that work for each individual customer’s needs.

Weekly Maintenance - KHS offers weekly, Bi weekly and monthly maintenance.  Commercial and residential lawn services for all budgets.  Lawns are mowed and bagged.  The driveways are weed wacked and blown clean as well.  This is our staple service.  Every cut is a quality experience.

Garden Maintenance - KHS offers flower garden maintenance.  We will edge beds, weed, and prune or divide your perennials.   Cultivate existing mulch and apply fertilizer.  We can also plant new perennials or annuals to make your garden bloom!

Aeration - Spring late summer or early fall.  Book this service for a healthier and stronger lawn.  A must for anyone who truly appreciates their lawns full potential.

Slice seeding/Over seeding - Great service for thickening an existing lawn or trying to improve bad spots on your property.

Pruning Services - A staple of KHS estate maintenance   we provide professional pruning to flowering trees and shrubs annually for proper health and flowering.