Accent your property with a decorative and functional pathway. Send your pathway to your new destination in your back yard. Create a sitting area, fire pit, or hammock under your hardscaped pergola. Connect your front yard and back with a winding hardscaped walkway free of grass and debris. Don't forget to illuminate the pathways for safety and beauty. Utilize any combination of slate, sandstone, fieldstone, pea gravel, small pebbles, or even boulders.


The flow and design of your pavers make a huge difference in your outdoor lifestyle. Let Broward Landscape aid in you design work. The physical texture and color of pavers, travertine, and even marble could project a particular style or mood when coupled with the building and arrangement of landscape. Don't leave one of your most important projects to a company without artistic experience.

Stone Walls

Whether you're wrapping around a garden bed, retaining a large amount of soil or adding a decorative freestanding wall to your property – the beauty of a natural stone wall is unmatched. 
We have numerous stone choices for wall projects of any size.


We love to work for you.  We know you have a budget!

We know money is always a concern, we can help you devise a budget to build your project in stages so it looks like it's always a master piece not a master mess for the next 2 years.  Let's work together to build that special place that you can enjoy for many years to come. 

We also specialize in maintaining your hardscape.  If it's a lifted brick in a walkway or a stone wall that was disturbed in the winter time we can help.  Just give us a shout and we'll be happy to have a look, free of charge.