Winter is always a bear in New England.  Whether you own a single family home, small office space or large industrial space, KHS can help!


Large parking lots, small parking lots, or condo units.  We have a large staff ready to work for you.  We have sanding services, snow removal options and we offer shoveling and snow blowing services to all customers as well.

Gentle snow plowing services, we mark your driveway, we go slow and we make every effort to keep your lawn in one piece.  We have residential sanding services also.

Salt and Sand Applications
What does your contractor use for sanding ratio's?  KHS uses a 3-1 ration when sanding.  We will sand troubled areas as well with our environmentally safe ice melt.

Snow Removal Services
Too much snow?  We can help, we have front loaders, back hoes, and bobcats.  We have large trucks to get rid of the snow quickly.  We'll work 24/7 to get rid of your snow problems.